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Aquatic Exercises For Chronic Pain Encourage Them To Stay Active

Nov 8

Chronic pain is a debilitating condition that affects many different parts of the body. For some people, constant pain can lead to depression and decreased quality of life. Fortunately, moderate exercise is one of the best ways to help alleviate chronic pain, and there are some exercises that are even more effective than others. One of the best and most accessible options for people Aquatic Exercises for Chronic Pain.

Aquatic Exercises

For people with hip or knee osteoarthritis, an aquatic exercise program can significantly reduce their pain and improve their physical function. In a study, 6 weeks of aquatic therapy resulted in less pain and joint stiffness, and improved physical function and hip muscle strength for individuals with these conditions.

Aquatic exercise can also be beneficial for those with rheumatoid arthritis. Individuals who participated in aerobic activities in water saw less joint swelling, reduced morning stiffness, and increased grip strength when compared to those who performed the same activity on land. This may be due to the fact that the hydrostatic pressure of the water massages the muscles and joints, which relieves tension and inflammation.

The resistance of the water also helps to build muscle strength. The physics of water make it up to 1,000 times more powerful than air, and the drag it exerts on your muscles forces them to work harder. This gradual build up of muscle strength can improve endurance, balance, and coordination, while simultaneously reducing your pain.

Additionally, water exercises are lower impact than other workouts. This means that they can be safely performed by people with a variety of injuries and health problems, including back, knee, and hip pain.

Finally, the heated water in your pool can provide a relaxing environment that is pleasant during the hot Vegas summer. If you are unable to go outdoors to exercise, or if the heat exacerbates your pain, then performing your workout in an indoor pool can be the perfect solution.

Another benefit of working out in the water is that it causes the body to release endorphins. These are natural painkillers that promote feelings of happiness, wellbeing, and positivity, acting like your body’s own prescription opioids.

Therapeutic aquatic exercise programs are an excellent way to improve your chronic pain and boost your mood. Studies such as Baena-Beato and Bronwyn’s trial comparing patients with low back pain to those who received physical therapy modalities showed that therapeutic aquatic exercise significantly improved their pain degree, functional disability level, and anxiety levels. This effect was long-lasting, lasting up to 12 months after the initial treatment. This is an important finding that indicates therapeutic aquatic exercise should be a standard treatment for chronic low back pain. The research also indicates that these effects are longer-lasting than the benefits of other forms of exercise. In addition, the positive mental effects of exercising in the water can increase the motivation to continue this activity. This can be helpful for those with chronic pain, as it will encourage them to stay active and to continue to improve their physical health.

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