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Awesome Things to Do in Gresham Oregon

Mar 14

Gresham Oregon is a city that offers all the benefits of a big city while maintaining its small town charm. It is located in Multnomah County and is easily accessible from Portland. It has a variety of attractions and is surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

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Top Things to Do in Gresham Oregon

The first thing you should do when you visit Gresham is to go to the history museum and explore this city’s past. It has lots of exhibits, galleries and photographs that will give you an idea about what the city looked like in the past.

There is also a variety of other places where you can spend the day exploring the city. For example, the Vista House at Crown Point State Scenic Corridor is a place that you should not miss out on. It is a well-known scenic point along the Historic Columbia River Parkway and is open to visitors for free.

Other places to visit include the Mt. Hood Theatre, which is a fantastic place to watch a movie and enjoy a nice meal afterward. This theatre is a popular attraction for tourists and locals alike, so you should not miss out on the chance to go there!

You can also visit a variety of parks in Gresham and take a walk around them to get a glimpse of the natural environment. Some of these parks include Bella Vista Park, which is a beautiful 8.1-acre area that has plenty of swings and benches for you to relax on.

Another one is the Gradin Community Sports Park, which is a great place to spend the day with family and friends. This park is popular amongst locals and features several different amenities including a skate park, a sports field, horseshoe pits, off-leash dog areas and barbecue grills.

There are also several restful picnic spots that you can find in the park and these will provide you with the perfect opportunity to sit back, relax, and enjoy a nice meal after a busy day. You can also explore the Springwater Trail which is a wonderful place to spend some time in nature and it is located right in the heart of Gresham.

This trail stretches for 16.5 miles from Boring to Portland and it passes through Gresham. It is a fantastic place to walk, bike, jog, and skate and it will help you to discover the beauty of indigenous plants and animals that grow here.

Other things to do in Gresham are to go to the Farmers’ Market which is a great place to buy local produce and try out some delicious food. This market has grown significantly in recent years and is a fantastic way to support the local community.

Alternatively, you can take a stroll around the Hogan Butte Nature Park. This park is located in the Northwest neighborhood of Gresham and will allow you to escape from the hustle and bustle of life and take a look at some beautiful nature.