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Drainage is essential for commercial flat roofs

Apr 22


Flat roofing contractors must put in drainage systems for all sloped or flat roof commercial structures. Flat roofing repairs in Nevada will be necessary in the event that you don't hire an expert. You should also remember that in the event that your roof isn't draining correctly, you'll require flat roofing experts to address the drainage problems.

A roofing contractor in Reno, NV can offer security to your building. Properly installed drainage systems can make a roofing system last up to 15 years if it is maintained with regular maintenance. Flat roofs offer many benefits for a building owner, but you must get the drainage right otherwise you'll see ponding and leaks start to develop due to the fact that you do not have the correct drainage system for your roof.

What is the importance of drainage in commercial flat roofing?

If you've got a flat roof or a roof that is slightly pitched the gravity is unable to transport water off the roof onto the ground. To avoid water ponding and eventually leaking in the future, your roofing system needs to have a drainage system. Caulking and this are the weak points on your roof. A tiny flaw in one of these substances can result in a leak within your commercial structure.


In winter when the freeze-thaw cycle is in full swing and the weight of snow can put extra weight on the roof - something that your roof was not built to stand up to. The weight of snow's weight could cause structural damage. Another place that can be danger for a flat roofing system is chimneys and vents. These two things are accessible points for water. To stop water from getting into structures, they need to be regularly checked.


Problems caused due to ponding or Standing Water on a Flat Roof

The ponding of water on roofs could cause numerous problems that owners don't know about. Costly repairs will follow if the issues aren't identified and resolved promptly.



Birds often construct nests on roofs. If you provide them with an area to drink water such as an aquisition, they will remain on your roof. It is crucial to create a roof more welcoming for birds in order to minimize future repair and maintenance costs. Contact us for more information about the metal roofing contractors in Reno, NV.



Standing water is a mosquitoes' best friend. Standing water can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. It allows the mosquitoes to multiply and spread. Mosquitoes transmit diseases and cause annoyance and if you're in the presence of standing water it is possible to count on a the possibility of a large mosquito infestation.


Plant Growth

The roof's water isn't just a source of trouble for mosquitoes. Water can help plants grow on the roof. But, with this increase comes another concern. Growing plants, no matter the size can block drains, and cause pools of standing water to build up, which can lead to leaks.


Fungal Growth

Mildew, mold, and moss are attracted by moist conditions and when they're in the vicinity the risk of damage to roofing materials rises into the spotlight.


Wear and tear on Roofing Materials

It could be a surprise when your roof is experiencing an issue with ponding when it's a membrane-based roofing system. If you fail to keep your roof in good condition and ponding water is a problem, it can cause roofing membranes ' to wear out. Receive expert support and help from low-cost roofers in Las Vegas nevada.


Different types of flat Roof Drainage Systems


A tried-and-true method of roofing drainage is to utilize gutters to remove water from the roof. The open gutters that are placed at the edge of the roof can transfer water effectively and assist in eviscerate ponding problems on a roof. The pros of a gutter system include cost affordable, as well as the fact that installation is easy. The disadvantages of the gutter system is the need for more maintenance to keep the gutters clean. In winter, the debris can freeze inside the channel, degrading its effectiveness and cleaning gutters can be difficult. Help and advice for roofs is available.


Roof Drains

Drains have advanced from their initial design and are able to be attached to an internal system that carries water away from the building and into the ground. Drains are placed in areas that are strategically placed and then lined with filters to prevent debris from blocking the system. The benefits of a roof drain are that it is able to provide all seasons drainage. The pipe system is protected from water that can freeze in the winter, and the design and appearance is fantastic. The drainage system is hidden from sight and out of your mind when you view the roof. Drains can be costly from installation to maintenance and also require a lot of money for upkeep. Clogs can become a problem if the right strainers aren't used, creating an additional cost for maintenance for a homeowner of a building.


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