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Can Roofing Warranties be transferred? An in-depth discussion

Apr 18


As previously mentioned the possibility of transferring an existing roofing warranty to the new owner is contingent upon the warranty contract.

Transferable warrants generally require strict rules to make sure that the transfer process is conducted in a proper manner.


In certain cases, there is a cost associated with moving the warranty from the original owner to the new owner.


There are a variety of warranty transfer procedures that vary between manufacturers, and even within product lines. The successfulness of a warranty transfer depends on whether the transfer is completed within the period of time after the house has been sold.


Did You Know? A lot of roofers offer a transferable warranty to their customers for all of their shingle products. This is something that roofing company treesdale pa can assist with.


Transferring a roof warranty

Important details regarding any transfer should be recorded:


Many warranties are transferable only one time. So, in that case only the second owner of the roofing product is able to profit from the warranty on roofing. The warranty is not transferable to other owners.

Some manufacturers may charge a small fee for the transfer of the warranty to the homeowner who will be replacing it.

The warranty protection of certain components can be reduced based on the age of the roof at date of transfer.

Let's examine a possible scenario that involves shingle products in order to gain a better understanding of warranty transfers. It is important to remember that every manufacturer is different So this scenario just describes what you'd do in the case of a roofing warranty.


In this instance, let's begin by selling a single-family detached home by its original homeowner to you. Congrats! You are now the new owner. It is possible to discuss this situation with a roofing contractor from the treesdale area.


It's good news for you that the home you just bought had shingle products installed over the roof, all of which came with a Standard Product Limited Warranty.


Three points are important to consider when you transfer a warranty.


Deadlines. The applicant must submit all required paperwork as well as a transfer request within 60 days after the conclusion of the real estate transaction.

Ownership history. You can usually find evidence of ownership on the county's website or via building permits. Other acceptable documents include:

A copy of the deed or

Closing documents showing the name of the owner prior to it and the new owner as well as the date of the property's transfer.

Date of installation and evidence of purchase of the product. You need to know when the shingles were installed because the applicable warranty is contingent on the date the shingles were installed.

It is possible that the seller retained their original warranty documents or contractor agreements. You might need to reach out to the contractor responsible for installation for an exact copy of the agreement.


After you have the information you need, call Pittsburgh roofing contractors PA or send it online within 60 days following the closing of real estate transaction.


These requirements are simple in their logic. The documentation you need to prove that you are the second owner or fourth owner of roofing product or shingles. and to confirm that their products were used on the roof.

How can homeowners assist with warranty transfers?

As you can see from the above, good record-keeping can make the warranty transfer relatively simple. Once your roofing project has been completed, be sure to declare your warranty according to the instructions of the manufacturer. Store all documents in a secure place and a copy the warranty. This helps the new homeowner to complete the warranty transfer.

Learn More:

What happens if the seller doesn't have the warranty documentation?

If you're buying a property that was owned by a previous owner who didn't keep exact records, it's possible for you to transfer the warranty. The first step is to contact the company or contractor for proof of purchase. Also, include the year and month the shingles were installed.


Steadfast Roofing can help you look into other options if your efforts to find the information have not succeeded. As mentioned previously, this is required within 60 days after the conclusion of the real estate transaction.

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